Giving Back

Meltwater’s community development and outreach programs span the globe, not just because we care deeply about the people and places where we have our offices, but because that’s just how the world is these days: we’re all connected. We’ve invested money, time, and effort in supporting leadership on a local and global scale in places where we see that people need it most.


The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) provides training, investment, and mentoring to aspiring high-technology entrepreneurs, with the goal of building globally successful companies that create wealth and jobs in Africa. MEST is the vision of Jorn Lyseggen and is based on the fundamental belief that talent and potential are everywhere; and with the right nurturing, support, and guidance, every individual has what it takes to build success from the ground up. This ethos is the foundation of our culture here at Meltwater, where employees develop professionally and receive opportunities to move into management roles early in their careers. Established in Ghana in 2008, MEST selects dozens of top graduates from across Africa every year to participate in a fully sponsored two-year, full-time, intensive educational program. Entrepreneurs-In-Training (EITs) receive comprehensive training across the spectrum of skills required to build successful tech businesses, including computer programming, software development, product management, finance, marketing, sales and leadership best practices. After completion of the program, EITs have the opportunity to pitch a concept, and winning teams receive seed funding to pursue their idea along with ongoing, hands-on support from our Incubator.

Meltwater Community Outreach

Meltwater Community Outreach includes the donation of time and resources to improve the quality of life in our local communities and assist the non-profit, civic, and communication-based organisations that support them. We believe it’s our corporate responsibility to give back.

Meltwater Employee Resource Groups

Meltwater Employee Resource Groups (MERGs) enable Meltwater individuals to collaborate on shared interests or passions. For example, the Women in Business MERG is a forum for women to get together and share ideas, information, network internally, mentor one another, create and run charitable programs that support women in the business world, and connect with other women outside of Meltwater.

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