Hello, PR world! As the weekend descends upon us, we just couldn’t let you get by without reading this week’s overwhelmingly magnificent PR blog posts. Check these out for some food-for-thought:

3 Social Media Tools to Identify Influential Bloggers

From our friends at JeffBullas.com

As content marketing continues to move in on traditional media outlets, PR professionals
are learning how to use their outreach strategy to reach these new “publishers.” This blog post has three tips for reaching influential bloggers for earned coverage.

Five Tips to Get Last Minute Media Coverage

From our friends at Spin Sucks

Has your client asked you to achieve the impossible and get last minute media coverage? Take a breath, and follow these 5 steps – things may just work out in your favor.

4 Emails PR Should Never Send Journalists

From our friends at Sandstorm Media

If you’ve read our article PR Pros Outnumber Journalists 4:1, you can imagine the sheer volume of emails journalists receive on a daily basis. You also know some great tips to standing out amongst the people that make the mistakes listed in this blog post. Regardless, check out this post for some tips on what not to do.

Community Relations – A Two-Way Benefit for our Society

From our friends at Schnake Turnbo Frank

Are you looking to set up a community relations program, but don’t know where to start? This blog post suggests starting with your employees: ask them what their interests are, and what kind of program they would want to support. Getting internal stakeholders will ensure continued success.

Measuring the Value of PR: What Really Matters

From our friends at PR in your Pajamas

Don’t let PR measurement and analytics scare your right-brained little head – according to this blog post, the metrics that really matter are actually quite simple to attain and report on. If you need some quick tips on measuring your PR successes, this blog post is a must-read!

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